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Water Well Service

Cleaning and bailing out a water well is necessary when: sediment becomes excessive, your water has become cloudy, water supply has dropped or to refresh an aquifer. Blazek Pump and Well has the capabilities and experience to use a wide variety of tools to keep your water fresh!  Contact Us for more information!


Chlorination is a process that cleans, disinfects and refreshes a water well system.  There are many resons to chlorinate a well:

1. Cleaning Your Water System- Chlorination can help clean years of iron and scale build up in your water lines.   The chlorine will break down the built up particles allowing lines to be pumped cleaned. 


2. Disinfection- Chlorine is a chemical that can kill bacteria such as E.coli and Coliform. E.coli and Coliform are bateria that can survive in low oxygen areas such as a water well. Typically Bacteria will grow in a well that has been stagnant for a period of time. It is recommended that private water well owners test their water once per year for bacteria.


3. Refreshing the Well-  Just as with water lines, iron and scale build up can occur in the water well causing loss of production and water quality change. Treating a water well with chlorine will break down these particles allowing them to be pumped out.


When Chlorinating a well make sure to BYPASS any water treatment systems.  DO NOT RUN CHLORINE THROUGH HOT WATER!  Chlorine becomes a gas when heated and CAN be very harmful.  DO NOT DRINK WATER DURING CHLORINATION PROCESS!


Blazek Pump and Well recommends chlorinating your water well once per year.

For information on How to Chlorinate YOUR water well Contact Blazek Pump & Well today!


Water Testing

Water quality can change over time.  Testing your water once per year can help prevent major changes to your water systems and keep a close eye on possible bacteria growth. Parameters Blazek Pump and Well tests for include but are not limited to: Iron content, Hardeness, PH (acid/ Alkalinity), Total Dissolved Solids and Bacteria.

Well Abandonment and Sealing

When a water well is no longer in service, it should be abandonded.  Proper materials, such as grout or bentonite clay, are used to prevent contamination of the aquifer. 

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