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Iron Build up

If your water wells production has slowed over its lifetime, the culprit may be mineral build up! Natural iron and calcium minerals can build-up within the fractures, in a rock well, and plug up the slots of screens, in a sand & gravel well. Chlorination maintenance can help but only slightly.


In most cases a chemical treatment and mechanical cleanout of the well is required. We use a eco-friendly chemical that is designed to break down the minerals to allow them to be pump clear. We will mechanically clean the well to grab and scrape the chunks build up before introducing chemicals. We then circulate/ agitate the chemicals which allows them to work back in through the formation and/or screen. After 24hrs. we will pump the chemicals and minerals out of the well till the water is clean.


This process will not prevent build up but will help prolong the life of the well. In high mineral wells, there is a maintenance dose we can perform which is not as intrusive. IF you have questions about any aspect of your water well feel free to ask!


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Servicing water wells in Northeastern Ohio for four generations, Blazek Pump And Well Co offers a full range of services to meet your needs. Find out how we can help you today! With significant experience in the industry, our highly-skilled, knowledgeable employees will go above and beyond to complete your needs.

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