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Air Pressure in Your Pressure Tank

We get asked a lot about the air pressure in pressure tanks. What should it be? How can I tell when to add air? How often do I need to check it?

Manufacturers recommend the air pressure in the tank be a maximum of 2 PSI below the cut in pressure of the pressure switch. I.e. If your pressure switch is 40-60, pump turns on at 40 and off at 60, the air pressure should be 38 PSI. We recommend no less than 27-30 PSI and NO more than 2 PSI below the cut-in pressure of your switch.

If your tank has either to much or to little air, it will cause the switch to "Short Cycle" and could cause premature failure of the pump. If you notice the pressure from your faucet fluctuating rapidly, short cycling, check the air pressure. 


How do I check the air pressure?

Turn the power off to the pump, drain the tank so there is no water in the tank and the gauge reads zero. Check the air with with a gauge at the air valve; usually located at the top of the tank. Add the correct amount of air theen turn the power back on. 

If you had to add air, check it again within a couple days. If it does not retain the air, It is time to replace the tank.


If you have questions about your pressure tan or any component of your water system, please feel free to contact us today! 


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