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Water Pumps & Storage/ Pressure Tanks

In order to use water from a water well, it needs to be pumped out.  Once the water is pumped out it needs to be stored.  The job of the storage/ pressure tank is to deliver water under pressure while the pump is off.  

This is a how a typical submersible pump systems looks installed.

Water Pumps

Blazek Pump & Well Co. takes pride in the products we install. Installed by our staff, submersible pumps have a 5 year manufacturers warranty. Brands we install include but are not limited to:

-Grundfos (Stainless Steel Impellers)



Submersible Water Pump

Submersibles pumps are placed in the water well with controls and storage tanks in basements and well pits.  Blazek Pump & Well Co. services submersible pumps ranging from 1/2 HP 5 Gallons Per Minute up to 20 HP 200 GPM.


Constant Pressure Systems

CP systems will give you consistent pressure throughout your house no matter how many faucets are being used. As long as the water is available, you can take a shower, do laundry and water your garden without having pressure lose!  Ask about upgrading to Constant Pressure today!

3" Submersible

3" Submersibles are installed in smaller diameter wells. Some older wells in Northeast Ohio have 4" casing. This unit allows you to run a submersible in the well without worrying about it coming out when it needs replaced.

Jet Water Pump

Jet pumps are installed above ground with a foot valve and jet housing placed in the well. This system is typically installed in shallow well applications.


Commercial/ Municipal

We install and replace large demand submersible pumps for commercial, municipal and agriculture needs.   

Storage & Pressure Tanks

We Install and service all pressure tanks including: 







Comercial Pressure Tank Install

2x Well-x-trol 302 86 Gallon

Residential Pressure Tank


Flex-Lite Fl-12

Blazek Pump And Well Co has been in business for 4 generations, offering a wide variety of services to meet our customers' needs. With our qualified team, you can count on expert advice and guidance on finding the optimal solution that is right for you.


Contact us today - our staff is looking forward to working with you!

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