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Tip of the Month

Spring is Coming!

Spring time is a great time of year to think about the maintenance to your water system. Here are a couple items to think about:

1. Have your water checked for bacteria; this is the easiest way to make sure your drikking water is safe.

2. Install a sanitary well cap; this will help keep critters & insects from getting into your water. Critters & Insects can carry bacteria and drop it into your water.

3. Chlorinate your well; It is recommended to have your well chlorinated PROPERLY atleast once per year. Spring is a good time to do this.

4. Have your well cleaned. If your well is older and you are noticing more sediment in your filter, it may be time to have your well cleaned.  For the health of the well, and yourself, it is a good idea to have your well brushed and cleaned every seven to ten years. This will help with scale build up along the walls of the well and could save an unexpected new well expense.


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Servicing water wells in Northeastern Ohio for four generations, Blazek Pump And Well Co offers a full range of services to meet your needs. Find out how we can help you today! With significant experience in the industry, our highly-skilled, knowledgeable employees will go above and beyond to complete your needs.

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