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Location of your water well

How do you know where to drill the well? Do you "water witch" or "dowse" a location?

We get asked this question quite often. In most of Northeastern Ohio, the main criteria for a wells location is the regulations set forth by the state and local Health Departments.  A potable water well has to be certain distances from potential sources of contamination i.e. septic systems.  Along with the regulations, we look for things such as ease of access. You do not want to drill the well in a location that will be hard to service in the future. Water wells are constantly changing and eventually need to be worked on i.e. pump replacement or well cleaning. 

How do you know where to find the water?

Northeastern Ohio has an abundance of natural resources; fresh groundwater being one of them. In most cases, it is not so much the geophysical location as it is the geological formations, depth, that we are looking for.  Some areas there is fresh clean water as shallow as 15 feet and other areas it can be as deep as 450 feet.


So if you are building or having a replacement well drilled, ask these couple questions: is it far enough from sources of contamination, is it accessible for service or repair, is it out of the way of a snow plow, is it within the distances allowed by the health department.


As always, If you have any questions before a project gets started, please feel free to ask us any questions! We are more than happy to help with any concerns you may have!


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