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Water Treatment Systems For Ohio Groundwater

Groundwater naturally carries a wide variety of minerals such as Iron, Manganese, Calcium, Acid, and sometimes natural gas.  These minerals can cause unsightly stains in your fixtures, bad odors/ taste as well as bacteria. Dont' worry though!  All water is treatable; including city water!


At Blazek Pump & Well we treat water on a case by case basis.  Every aquifer is different from the next therefore each situation calls for different treatment. On this page you will find some of the treatment systems we frequently install. To learn more about groundwater treatment Contact Us today!

Water Softeners

Water Softeners use a resin exchange system to take minerals such as calcium out of the water.  Calcium and Magnesium can cause staining of fixtures, bad tastes and shorten the life of your pipe.  Hard water can also make cleaning and bathing more costly by using more soap. A water softener can add life to your appliances as well as save money on cleaning! For more Information Contact Us today!

Iron Filters

Greensand Filters are used for groundwater that has a high iron content i.e. 2.5 ppm or higher. Greensand filters use Postassium Permanganate to take iron out of water.  Oxidizing systems can also take Iron out of water.  Indicators of iron include: orange/ red stains in fixtures, bad taste and odor, scale build up.  To have your water tested for iron Contact Blazek Pump & Well today!


There are many different filters and chemicals used to treat PH ( acid ) in water.  Soda Ash Pumps and Neutralizers are popular choices.  Which filter is best for your system depends on the PH of your water. Neutral water has a PH of 7 which means the water has little to no acid.  Indicators of acid in your water may be a greenish blue stain on your fixtures. For a free quote on a Neutralizer Contact Blazek Pump & Well!

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